Gunki Pacemaker 12,5cm 5-pack

Gunki Pacemaker 12,5cm 5-pack

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Artikelnummer: SA-71492
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Finesse-style lure with a V shaped tail. This is a SBC (Sugar Belly Concept) lure features slits along the stomach section below the hook which you can fill with attractants to create a focal point for better hook ups. These slits also increase the attractive turbulence created by the PACEMAKER in the water.

The shape and suppleness of the lure are designed to be as versatile as possible and respond to the slightest animation. The result is a great drop shotting or vertical lure which worked especially well on zander and perch during field testing. Try a pointed jig head and jerk it hard when bass fishing or darting style for perch. Bigger sizes are designed for offshore fishing and have proved particularly effective around wrecks. Flavoured with aniseed.
12.5 centimeter
6.6 gram
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