Shimano BT WorldCrank AR-C Flash Boost
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Shimano BT WorldCrank AR-C Flash Boost

73mm 17g
Från 239 kr
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Artikelnummer: 59VZQC73U00
Referensnummer: 5000037744
The Bantam World Crank is a fantastic, long casting crankbait equipped with FLASH BOOST for increased visual stimulation and AR-C / JET BOOST moving weight technology for improved casting performance, especially in head and side winds. The large front lip of the lure and centralized balance promotes a smooth, but aggressive swimming action, when retrieved with a constant speed and enables it to be worked at depths of up 3,8 metres. When paused, the lure slowly rises towards the surface with a gentle rocking action which makes best use of the FLASH BOOST technology to create additional attraction. For increased visual attraction, the use of Kyorin / SCALE BOOST 3D holographic film gives a remarkable life-like scale pattern which is especially noticeable as the lure is stopped during the retrieve.
7.3 centimeter
17 gram
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