SG Super Hard Fluorocarbon Clear 50 m
Savage Gear

SG Super Hard Fluorocarbon Clear 50 m

Clear • 100% super hard fluorocarbon • Invisible in water • Instant hook setting • Superior knot strength • UV and chemical resistant • Unmatched abrasion resistance • Perfect for big, powerful game fish
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When you need to rely on your gear to help you catch monster fish in tough conditions, then it’s time to reach for our Super Hard Savage Leader. Made from a super hard fluorocarbon material, this leader can withstand all kind of punishment from rocks and other hazards and still offer you the ability to deliver a sharp action to your jigs, soft lures and hard lures, even in deep water. The minimal stretch means you can also set the hook instantly. It’s perfect for inshore and offshore power game – for fish that know how to play dirty, you now have the weapon to fight back.
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