Shimano Yasei Crankbait Cast MODERATE 2,20m 8-24g 2pc Spinnspö

Shimano Yasei Crankbait Cast MODERATE 2,20m 8-24g 2pc Spinnspö

MODERATE 2,20m 8-24g 2pc
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2 199 kr
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Artikelnummer: YASAXCR22M
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The mid-priced Yasei Crankbait rod is a very individual rod designed especially for crankbait fishing. The action is smoother than a more general ‘spinning’ rod of the same casting weight, to enhance the cranking action of the lure and also increase hook-ups by giving an attacking fish slightly more time to secure a good grip on your chosen lure.
Whilst there is nothing actually wrong with using an all round type rod for crankbait fishing, you will get better results using a specialist model like the Yasei Crankbait. To get the best action out of your crankbaits, especially when using minimal stretch braid, you need a smooth medium type action to absorb the vibration and kicks your lure will make when retrieved. Another notable benefit of a through action is how the rod loads up pressure in a smooth manner as a fish strikes. This encourages the fish to hold on to it slightly longer,

resulting in more hook-ups. The 2.20m length of this lightweight model will launch crankbaits in the 8-24g range a seriously long distance, especially when paired up with a Shimano 150 size baitcasting reel. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing for zander, perch, pike of even aspius, if you are using a crankbait this is the rod for you.
The secret of the Yasei Crankbait action is in the design of the High Modulus Full Carbon blank, built using Hi-Power X technology and Nano Alloy. This has been tapered to create the smooth, medium-type action required for crankbait fishing, with the added benefit of reduced blank twist when casting, which contributes to its excellent casting performance. The reduced blank twist also has fish-playing advantages, as fighting pressure is applied in a more direct line down the length of the rod maintaining the integrity of the smooth curve.

To further increase long range casting and overall performance, this rod is fitted with the latest design Fuji Alconite K-type guides. In keeping with the high quality design, a Fuji TVS reel seat is fitted onto the custom-design split grip EVA handle giving this rod a modern, eye-catching appearance that matches its brilliant fishing performance.
Spölängd, cm
220 cm
High Modulus Full Carbon + HI-Power X
Kastvikt, min
8 gram
Kastvikt, max
24 gram
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