Shimano Curado K MGL 150/151

Shimano Curado K MGL 150/151

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Artikelnummer: CUMGL150
Referensnummer: 5000032468
The Curado MGL offers the perfect combination of technology, practicality and cost. Sitting in the middle of the Shimano’s ‘MGL’ baitcasting line-up, and designed primarily for medium and lighter weight lures, this is a versatile performer that combines strength with sophistication. If you are looking for a mid-priced, high technology baitcaster, that can maximise casting performance of mid and lighter weight lures, whilst having the strength to deal with powerful fish, the Curado MGL will be your perfect reel. The difficult choice you will have is whether to choose the 150/151 or the more compact 71 size, which also offer a range of different gear speeds. Both are superb and contain the same tournament tested technology, including the brilliant MGL spool for optimum casting performance, for so it really comes down to which size will suit your fishing. The bottom line is, you really can’t go wrong with a Curado MGL. The combination of lightweight aluminium HAGANE Body, Micromodule Gear and X-SHIP give the Curado MGL durability, dependability and performance. In fact this technology line up is also found on Shimano’s high end reels, so you are getting a lot of reel for your money. But it’s the MGL spool that sets this model apart for others. It requires less start-up energy when casting which results in longer casts and the possibility of using lightweight lures more effectively. But don’t think that this easy casting beauty doesn’t have the power required to control the hardest fighting fish. There’s a powerful Cross Carbon Drag fitted to the Curado MGL, so when you need to clamp down, you can be sure that you have power in reserve to take control.

Max drag: 6 kg
185 g
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