Shimano Yasei Aspius Spin FAST 2,70m 10-35g 2pc Haspelspö

Shimano Yasei Aspius Spin FAST 2,70m 10-35g 2pc Haspelspö

FAST 2,70m 10-35g 2pc
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2 399 kr
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Artikelnummer: YASAXASP27MH
Referensnummer: 2000000672
The mid-priced Yasei Aspius is designed specifically for this unique silver flanked predator and has all of the correct technical attributes required to hunt them down. Long casting, with a fast action and a lunge absorbing middle section, the Yasei Aspius will get your lures in front of fish that other rods just can’t reach.
If you fish for aspius you’ll already know that you need long casting balanced tackle which enables you to fish at range. This is especially true on large rivers, where the fish are often found in the swifter current away from the bank. These are the exact parameters that the super lightweight, long casting Yasei Aspius rod has been designed for. At 2.70m in length, the fast action of this special rod will cast a wide range of lures between 10-35g exceptional distances, enabling you to cover a lot of water. And when you get an aggressive strike, especially when using top water lures, the full fighting curve of the rod will absorb the sudden pressure to prevent breakages or hook pulls.

To get the maximum distance from this long range masterpiece, and make fish-playing more controlled, it is recommended you use a 4000 sized spinning reel, or one of the compact body 5000 sizes to create optimum balance.
At the heart of the Yasei Aspius is a High Modulus Full Carbon blank built using Hi-Power X technology and Nano Alloy. This reduces blank twist when casting, which not only increases casting distance, it actually improves accuracy if you are casting towards fish-holding structures like bridge supports. The reduced blank twist also has fish-playing advantages, as fighting pressure is applied in a more direct line down the length of the rod, increasing power and maintaining the integrity of the curve.
To further increase long range casting and overall performance, the rod is fitted with the latest design Fuji Alconite K-type guides. These are lightweight and help prevent any line problems at the start of the cast by smoothing the line into the first guide.

In keeping with the high quality design, a Fuji reel seat is fitted onto the custom-design split grip EVA handle giving this rod a modern, eye-catching appearance that matches its brilliant fishing performance.
Spölängd, cm
270 cm
High Modulus Full Carbon + HI-Power X
Kastvikt, min
10 gram
Kastvikt, max
35 gram
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